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Vapor Recovery Nozzle

Vapor Recovery Nozzle



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Vapor recovery nozzle
•Safe & stable performance, easy operation.
•Built-in A&L control valve.
•Gas mask increase oil recovery
•Working under the pressure keeping from fuel injection.
•Used in all kinds of fuel dispensers.
Performance Parameters:
•Flow rate38~45 L/Min
•Working temperature-20~+65
•Net weight1.4 Kgs

What are Vapor Recovery Nozzles?
Vapor recovery nozzles are used at the gas pump to help reduce air pollution. They capture the gasoline vapors that escape from automobile tanks when they are being refueled. The vapors are returned to the underground gasoline storage tank through special hoses and pipes.

The underground tank is also equipped with a vapor recovery system that works hand-in-hand with the vapor controls on the gasoline pump. This two-step vapor recovery process ensures efficient capture of gasoline vapors.

Are there any special instructions to remember when using the Vapor Recovery Nozzle?
Yes, please remember to:

  • Make certain that the cap on the gasoline tank of your car is closed tightly. This will greatly reduce any leaking vapors.
  • Don't "top off" your tank when using vapor recovery nozzles. Adding gasoline to the tank after the nozzle has clicked itself off
  • overloads the vapor recovery system and may cause liquid leaks of gasoline.
  • Avoid spilling gasoline when you refuel.
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