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Pneumatic Bottom Valve HC004CQ80-100/AQ100

Pneumatic Bottom Valve HC004CQ80-100/AQ100



Saike dispensers have passed certifications:

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Internal air cylinder protected from road spray.
Air cylinder is internal and is warmed by the product allowing flawless function in extremely cold weather.
High quality die cast body and component materials to international standards are used for durability and performance.
Lightweight aluminum construction for increased payloads.
External shear groove meets TTMA and DOT 406 requirements to limit product spillage in the envent of an accident.
Closure by self centering plunger and durable compression spring.
Removable bonnet assembly enables seal change without removing valve from the tank truck.
Parts common to others valves in our range to minimize spare parts inventory.
Manual opening device for emergency discharge of cargo.
Hydrodynamic body design and high lift poppet minimizes pressure drop to give maximum flow rate.
Sequenced air cylinder option provides for positive open/closed indication.
Easy servicing allows the air cylinder pistonto be replaced without removing the valve from the tank pipework.
Dryline ready for proposed future regulations

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