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Oil Drain Valve HC006B/C

Oil Drain Valve HC006B/C



Saike dispensers have passed certifications:

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1. Integral cast aluminum coat, anodic oxidation treatment, and changeable parts.
2. Using flatbed structure for exit to ensure liquid fully discharged, no oil leak.
3. Bi-level stabilized alloy pusher, showing the place of the valve clearly.
4. Die-Casting Aluminum structure, weight 4.4kg, improve loading weight.
5. Hydrodynamic inner structure design, reduce pressure to lowest during big flow.
6. Stainless manipulation axis, spring, lever, in order to ensure the using life.

API Adaptors feature a proprietary, multiple-material.cast head design that greatly reduces wear for a longer serviceable life, necer having to rotate the ring.Our unique design also safeguards against broken or seized-up allen screws.
Unique,proprietary head design for superior performance.
Grease fitting provides easy lubrication for simple preventive maintenance.
Corrosion resistance & break,aluminum handle also available.
Available with or without sight glass.

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