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LPG dispenser

LPG dispenser



Saike dispensers have passed certifications:

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SAIKE BRAND LPG dispenser (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), with precision temperature compensator for fill correct volume.
Single -touch keypad for preset-volume or amount filling.
Easy to handle, quickly disconnection nozzle, build-in seismic-response emergency stop device
Full range of measures for safe filling.

Model and configuration

Model Fuel nozzles Fuel pumps Fuel flow meters Type of Pump
SKGS111  1 1 1 X
SKGS222 2 2 2 X
Note:   Type of Pump  1: Suction Pump;    2: Submersible pump;

Standard specification:
1.Model: SKLS
2.Micro-computer type electronic counter
3.Temperature compensation Device: Micro-computer type -Temperature compensator
4.Compensation range: -30 -+50 (Base temperature+15 )
5.Self-diagnostic function:
6.Flow meter: 4-piston-type
7.Pulser:0.01 L Pulse generator
8.Vaporization regulator unit: Differential valve
9.(Excess flow protecting valve / valve close flow: 60Ll, min) Check valve
10.Relief valve: Release pressure: 1.2MPa (Atmosphere release type: 1.8MPa)
11.Solenoid valve: Two stage valve 220V Frame proof type
12.Safety breakaway coupling:
13.Separating load: over 51 ON (Inner pressure 0 MPa)
14.Separating pressure: over 2.0MPa (Load 0 N)
15.Hose:1/2B, Hose diameter: 12, Hoselength:4m(optional:5m)
16.Fueling Nozzle: With swivel & quick-coupling
17.Pressure gauge: Double-hand type 0-3.4MPa
18.Red-hand: liquid Black-hand: Vapor
19.Operating environment: Temperature: -10 -+ 40
20.Humidity: Exterior 100% interior: 5%-95%
21.Power supply: AC 100V-110V (50/60HZ)} AC 220V~240V (50/60Hz) Single phase.

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