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Alloy ManHole HC001A/B

Alloy ManHole HC001A/B



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 Alloy ManHole Structure

Alloy ManHole Parameter

Alloy Manhole is installed on the top of the tank, it has built-in respiration system and emergency vent.
1  Emergency vent relieving pressure is from 21 to 32 KPa. The air is 7000m3/h.
2  It have one or two breathing valve inside, the pressure in the tank can be adjusted automatically.
3  Made by A.L.,it's light weight and strong.
Alloy Manhole assemblies should be inspected with sufficient frquency to insure Intergral Relief Valve functions properly.Any worn,damaged or missing parts must be replaced.Gaskets should be replaced if their effectiveness to insure a liquid tight seal is impaired in any way. Replacement gaskets must be compartible with products carried.
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