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Vapor recovery nozzle

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We are a Vapor recovery nozzle manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide many products of related Vapor recovery nozzle. Our technology and quality leader in the peer comparison, we can provide you with good products and services. You have any questions about the Vapor recovery nozzle, please contact us and we will reply to you a satisfactory answer as soon as.
Vapor Recovery Nozzle
Vapor Recovery Nozzle
Vapor recovery nozzle •Safe & stable performance, easy operation. •Built-in A&L control valve. •Gas mask increase oil recovery •Working under the pressure keeping from fuel injection. •Used in all kinds of fuel dispensers. Performance Parameters: •Diameter34" •Flow rate38~45 LMin •AL1~1.21 •Working temperature-20~+65 •Net weight1.4 Kgs Wha , ...
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