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Fuel Dispenser LIst

China Henghe group as one of the biggest manufacturer of Fuel dispenser,LPG dispenser,Mobile fuel dispenser,Portable fuel dispenser, is the only one that has full production line of sheet metal, CNC machining, electronic R&D, assembly and testing. Henghe group can supply SAIKE brand of over 100 models fuel dispensers to meet the different demands from various customers.
SAIKE brand fuel dispensers include single nozzle and multi-nozzles, suction type dispenser and submersible type dispensers, IC card, pos system,remote system, vapor recovery system and multimedia, standard flow rate and heavy duty, SAIKE brand fuel dispenser also have mobile type and short design for Union gas station.
SAIKE brand fuel dispensers are the guarantee of million tons fueling.
General series of fuel dispenser
General Series
Lexus series of fuel dispenser
Lexus Series
Polo series of fuel dispenser
Polo Series
Hyundai series of fuel dispenser
Hyundai Series
Peugeot series of fuel dispenser
Peugeot  Series
Mobile fuel dispenser
Mobile Series
LPG Dispenser
LPG Dispenser
Golf Series fuel dispenser
Golf Series
Volvo series fuel dispenser
Volvo  Series
Portable fuel dispenser
Portable fuel dispenser
Electric transfer pump
Electric transfer pump
Electric Pump
Electric Pump
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