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LPG dispenser (Liquefied Petroleum Gas)

SAIKE BRAND LPG dispenser (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), with precision temperature compensator for fill correct volume.
Single -touch keypad for preset-volume or amount filling.
Easy to handle, quickly disconnection nozzle, build-in seismic-response emergency stop device
Full range of measures for safe filling.

Model and configuration
Model Fuel nozzles Fuel pumps Fuel flow meters Type of Pump
1 1 1 X
SKGS222 2 2 2 X
Note:   Type of Pump  1: Suction Pump;    2: Submersible pump; LPG dispenser

Standard specification:
1.Model: SKLS
2.Micro-computer type electronic counter
3.Temperature compensation Device: Micro-computer type -Temperature compensator
4.Compensation range: -30 -+50 (Base temperature+15 )
5.Self-diagnostic function:
6.Flow meter: 4-piston-type
7.Pulser:0.01 L Pulse generator
8.Vaporization regulator unit: Differential valve
9.(Excess flow protecting valve / valve close flow: 60Ll, min) Check valve
10.Relief valve: Release pressure: 1.2MPa (Atmosphere release type: 1.8MPa)
11.Solenoid valve: Two stage valve 220V Frame proof type
12.Safety breakaway coupling:
13.Separating load: over 51 ON (Inner pressure 0 MPa)
14.Separating pressure: over 2.0MPa (Load 0 N)
15.Hose:1/2B, Hose diameter: 12, Hoselength:4m(optional:5m)
16.Fueling Nozzle: With swivel & quick-coupling
17.Pressure gauge: Double-hand type 0-3.4MPa
18.Red-hand: liquid Black-hand: Vapor
19.Operating environment: Temperature: -10 -+ 40
20.Humidity: Exterior 100% interior: 5%-95%
21.Power supply: AC 100V-110V (50/60HZ)} AC 220V~240V (50/60Hz) Single phase.

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LPG Mass Meter Dispenser

LPG Mass Meter Dispenser • Product characteristics
Brand LPG Mass Flow meter DispenserGood safely property, easy to operate;
High accuracy, quickly refuelling, it’ flowmeter has no wear;
With interface for IC card, able to work on line;
Able to work in many modes (quantum, non-quantum, litre, Kg);
Easy to upgrade, with interface for tax-control

• Electronics: All electronics with explosion proof
Micro-processor control system, with advanced integrated circuits, is free of interference, It has overflow & overpressure protection, and can stop to refuel when the required amount is reached. The data information can be retained for 10 years. It is able to check errors automatically.

• Mass flowerneter
The mass flowmeter can directly measure liquid mass or volume.Comparing volumetic flowmeter, It has no wear, a long life, high accuracy, quickly refueling and is not affected by liquefied gas mass. It has automatic temperature compensation function and providing users with LPG parameters such as density, temperature and flowrate of current gas.

LPG• Technical specification
1. Type JYQ-45(one nozzle) JYQS-45(double nozzles)
2. Measuring accuracy: ±0.5%
3. Nominal working pressure: 2 MPa
4. Flowrate range: 1 ~ 45 L / min
5. Ambient temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
6. Relative humidity: ≤90%
7. Power supply: 220V±20% 50Hz±1Hz
8. Price setting range: 0.01 ~ 99.99 yuan . L . kg
9. Once metering range: 0 ~ 9999.99 L . kg
10. Cumulative counting range: 0 ~ 999999.99 yuan . L . kg
11. Preset range: 1 ~ 9999 L . kg
12. Dimension: 1160 x 590 x 2175mm (one nozzle)
13. 800 x 590 x 2000mm(double nozzles)
14. Weigh: 150kg (one nozzle) 250kg(double nozzles)
15. Grade against explosion: EX1b (1b) dme II BT4

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