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Ball Valves

Henghe Jiahua as one of the biggest manufacturer of Ball Valves is the only one that has full production line of sheet metal, CNC machining, electronic R&D, assembly and testing.
Ball Valve( Round Flange)
Ball Valve( Round Flange)
Ball Valve( Square Flange)
Ball Valve( Square Flange)
Single Way Ball Valve (Square Flange)
Single Way Ball Valve (Square Flange)
Single Way Ball Valve (Round Flange
Single Way Ball Valve Round Flange

Four set Three way Ball Valve
Three Way Strainer

Three Way Strainer

• It can not be used in caustic liquid pipeline.
• The diameter can be chosen by the users.
• The pressure should be controled in 0.6kpa.
• The steal inside the revolved flange can adjust the weight of lever.
• And can avoid the leakage effectively!
• More details,contact us.

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